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World Press Photo of the Year Winners

A striking image of a Venezuelan protester engulfed by flames has won the 2018 World Press Photo of the Year Contest. The annual award honors the photographer whose visual creativity and skills made a picture that captures or represents an event or issue of great journalistic importance in that year. The jury awarded the top prize… Read more

Fashion Photography Has A Real Gender Equality Problem

Here’s why the industry should actively push for more women behind the lens.Photo: @petrafcollins/Instagram There’s no denying that gauzy, intimate film photos with intensely colored light — a signature of rising photography star Petra Collins — are becoming increasingly popular across fashion ads, glossy editorials and music videos, both garnering Collins more work and inspiring copycats.… Read more

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Learn how to take better photos, ‘time travel’ in Europe and more

Visionary Wild is a company that offers travel experiences to photographers looking to move their work to a higher level. It holds workshops led by professional photographers in picturesque locations around the world. A workshop set for Nov. 5-9 offers a chance to blend photography and wine with the Autumn Color in Wine Country workshop, based… Read more

Facebook Adding 3D Drawing, Boomerang To Stories

Facebook is expanding the features of Stories. It’s been discovered recently that Facebook will be adding augmented reality doodles and Instagram’s Boomerang to its Stories camera. The new Facebook Stories features were first discovered by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra on Twitter, who also shared videos of the new features in action. The new creative tools… Read more

You don’t need to be a pro to sell your photos online

Earn a little cash from stock photography websites. Put your pictures in front of an audience. Felix Russell-Saw via Unsplash If you have a passion for photography, you don’t have to wait for your big break. While you work on your craft, you can earn money by selling your pictures on stock photo sites. This is… Read more

How to Take Great Flower Photos

I know that many out there want to improve their photography in one aspect. Flower photography. With gardening as popular as it is this shouldn’t be a surprise. Flower photography while looking like one of the simplest forms of photography can quickly become one of the most difficult. Here are a few tips for you. (Keeping… Read more

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ShutterGrip makes your smartphone photos sharper and your videos smoother

Save 25 percent on this brilliant photo accessory. If you struggle to hold your phone still for photography and video, this add-on grip should help. Stack Commerce Smartphones are capable of taking some amazing images nowadays. But the photos could be even better if you didn’t have to hold your device in a weird pincer grip.… Read more

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Photography For Beginners

Even Beginners Can Create Beautiful Digital Images Digital Photo magazine is the essential publication both for professional digital artists and for recreational. One of the top ways to better your photography is to learn from the professionals. The language and delivery seems to be set at amateur photographers who are sharp to become seriously good artists.… Read more

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What Is A Full Spectrum Camera?

Full Spectrum Conversion Of A Digital Camera The film removed from a disposable camera will be prepared the same way as picture of the same process and name shot in a conventional camera. Twin electronic flashes can be used together, separately, or shut off. A salesperson will do their first to get you to buy beyond… Read more

The Law Every Blogger Must Know About Using Photographs

The Law Every Blogger Must Know About Using Photographs So, I assumed that everyone knew that simply copying and pasting a photo that they find on the internet to their blog was problematic. That apparently isn’t the case. Bloggers use images on their blogs all the time without thinking about where they came from. Believe it… Read more

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