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GoPro’s Fusion 360-degree camera will cost $700

GoPro is finally sharing more details about its new Fusion 360-degree camera. The Fusion is the company’s first camera for shooting 360 video, and it could be the future of not just the company, but all cameras. With just two fisheye lenses, the camera can capture 360 footage in 5.2K resolution and potentially replace the… Read more

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The sad history of digital cameras trying to imitate film

Stop trying to make digital film cameras happen. Just buy a film camera. Yashica There are a ton of great film cameras on the secondary market right now. Prices are up from where they were a few years ago, but your options span everything from classic manual SLRs to fun compact cameras with surprisingly sharp lenses.… Read more

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Sports and Action Camera Uses…

Are you an adventure seeker an adrenaline junkie or just love getting outside in the fresh air among nature? Whether you’re mountain biking; abseiling; water skiing; snowboarding or any other outdoor activity, you may have thought once or twice about getting yourself an action camera, maybe it is waterproof or maybe it’s not. Sports and action… Read more

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The devastating state of ocean pollution in one depressing photo

Justin Hofman, a California-based nature photographer, was marveling at the beauty of a reef near Sumbawa Island, Indonesia, when a sight he wished he’d unsee came before his camera lens. It was at that moment that the 33-year-old snapped this depressing photo of a tiny seahorse, no bigger than a shot glass, hopping a ride on… Read more

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Incredible photos from the best space photographers of 2017

Interstellar dust shines in starlight light-years away from Earth. Green curtains of the auroras shimmer over a ghostly landscape in Iceland. A famous crater stands out in relief against the surface of the moon. These are just a few of the winning photos chosen as part of the annual Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year… Read more

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How to shoot the best video on your smartphone

Release your inner Spielberg. Lights, camera, phone. We all wield the miniature computers in our pockets to shoot endless photos…but what about video? While many of us do capture clips—spurred by improving camera quality, increased storage capacity, and the rise of “stories” formats on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram—the quality of these videos still tends… Read more

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